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Cooling System Maintenance & Systems Reconditioning

Cooling system maintenance can help it last a long time, some 40 years or more, and during its lifetime it is likely to see some changes in the systems and processes that it is connected to.

Reconditioning a system uses the best available technology and techniques to maximise the potential of the cooling system with respect to its particular application, offering increased output, or reduced operating costs to improve profitability

Our approach looks at the cooling systems and processes as a whole, to determine what changes or upgrades can be made to provide the cooling you need at the lowest operating cost.

Most cooling systems need cleaning and new parts from time to time, these intervals are the ideal opportunities to get more out of your installed equipment.

Our Approach

Gathering Data

Our first step always involves gathering as much data as possible about the current system and the processes that it serves.

  • Performance Testing including flow measurement and temperature logging.
  • Complete Condition surveys
  • Operating data review
  • Talk to the operators and engineers


cooling system maintenance tools on floor

Thermal Modelling

The next step is to model the system, taking account of any changes that may have occurred over the years to the process or cooling equipment itself.

Small changes in the process or equipment can have huge effects on cooling systems meaning that although a system may appear to be suitable for an application it may not be optimised.


thermal modelling data example

Weighted Recommendations

After detailing the installed equipment and then thermally modelling it, we can then look at what changes could be made to improve performance, with the main areas of focus being:-

  • Heat exchange media type, depth and suitability for the circulating water quality and required thermal performance
  • Distribution system coverage and effectiveness
  • Drift eliminator effectiveness and type
  • Air inlet type and effectiveness
  • Air moving equipment, type size and performance
  • Variable airflow and water flow options
  • External Performance enhancement systems.

Each recommendation can be weighted and an estimated improvement in cold water temperature advised, which can provide valuable information on the payback and viability of changes to an existing system.

cooling system maintenance waste
cooling system maintenance
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Full Turnkey Design and Installation

DHD cooling will then provide an itemised offer for materials and labour to carry out the works using our Safe contractor accredited installation team


Fine Tuning Will Improve Performance And Save You Money

Like any piece of industrial equipment, tuning your cooling systems to maximise performance can ether save operating costs or improve output.

Each kW of wasted energy costs a business around £1000 per year based on todays’ cost of power, so getting your cooling equipment singing the right tune is worth exploring.

Our expert cooling tower technicians can provide industrial cooling surveys cost effectively, providing all the details needed to make critical budget decisions that could mean your next refurbishment project will end up making your more money than you spend!

Services and Solutions

cooling system cleaning and maintenance

Delivered on an ad hoc or contracted basis, cleaning, maintenance and servicing for air and water cooling systems delivers maximum operational efficiency with minimum downtime.

cooling solutions

Supply hybrid, evaporative, dry and adiabatic cooling systems and specific complementary systems designed to assist cooling are key services from DHD cooling.

cooling systems and solutions performance enhancement

No matter what kind of air cooling system you use, it's highly likely that you'll reduce costs and improve efficiencies by adding seasonal protection services.

cooling units system reconditioning

Fuelled by comprehensive technical knowledge and problem solving, DHD reports on, recommends and delivers efficiency improvements for all industrial cooling units.

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