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Services and Solutions

DHD Cooling offers a full service capability to the manufacturing, HVAC, thermal power plant,industrial and chemical industries, offering a bespoke service tailored to your exact cooling tower system requirements.
We are specialists in technologies such as hybrid water conservation systems, dry and adiabatic cooling units, plate heat exchangers and cooling towers.

Delivering turnkey engineering design, installation, refurbishment or maintenance upgrades – DHD will project manage and deliver a solution which increases efficiency and performance, whilst meeting your maintenance budget and minimising downtime.

DHD will provide full reporting for your cooling equipment, including thermal performance, endoscopic and condition reports, providing you with full transparency about the effectiveness of your apparatus. We will also evaluate and inspect dry, wet and hybrid options. Our engineers will offer advice and recommendations on relevant cooling technology legislation such as HSG274 part 1, ACoP-L8 and Eurovent ensuring that industry standards are met and your business is fully compliant.

Services and Solutions

cooling system cleaning and maintenance

Delivered on an ad hoc or contracted basis, cleaning, maintenance and servicing for air and water cooling systems delivers maximum operational efficiency with minimum downtime.

cooling solutions

Supply hybrid, evaporative, dry and adiabatic cooling systems and specific complementary systems designed to assist cooling are key services from DHD cooling.

cooling systems and solutions performance enhancement

No matter what kind of air cooling system you use, it's highly likely that you'll reduce costs and improve efficiencies by adding seasonal protection services.

cooling units system reconditioning

Fuelled by comprehensive technical knowledge and problem solving, DHD reports on, recommends and delivers efficiency improvements for all industrial cooling units.

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