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DHD Cooling, one of the leaders in cooling towers solutions, has just published a new brochure covering its range of services.

The new 12-page full colour brochure carries individual sections on preventative and on-going maintenance, cooling solutions, performance enhancement, and a range of complementary systems that can be supplied for cooling towers.

DHD Cooling firmly believes that a cooling system shouldn’t just be a piece of forgotten plant but that it should perform correctly to provide valuable cooling for the processes that are used to keep operations running at optimal performance.

The section in the brochure covering preventative and on-going maintenance illustrates how DHD Cooling has worked successfully with many major multi-national clients to benchmark their cooling plant and provide them with a targeted maintenance plan across all of their sites so as to maximise efficiency and reliability. This gives companies the opportunity to plan their maintenance spend and focus on the systems that can offer the greatest return or need the most essential works.

Where new cooling solutions are required, the brochure explains how DHD works directly with an organisation to provide cooling solutions to suit any plant or requirement. Evaporative, hybrid, dry and adiabatic cooling systems and equipment can be supplied and designed to assist and enhance cooling. Here a full service can be supplied from planning, specification and design to installation, commissioning and handover of new cooling system projects.

An increasingly popular area for plant operators is where DHD Cooling provides performance enhancement. This process involves comparison of current operating performance against calculated potential performance by carrying out detailed condition and thermal assessments of the cooling equipment. This assessment enables easy ROI calculations on any improvement works recommended, and this will consider items such as the fill pack, smart controllers, distribution systems, fan machinery and fan casings.

The final section of the brochure covers additional and complementary systems which can be installed for maximum efficiency from the plant throughout the seasons. The range of purpose designed solutions includes Plume Abatement control systems, airborne particulate filters, wind reduction screens, winter protection screens and bird protection screens. These highly cost-effective rolling or fixed shielding options can help reduce the cost of cleaning and maintenance.

At DHD Cooling, the company bases everything on an analytical approach to problem solving, providing information in a clear concise way so that customers can make decisions that provide them with the greatest benefits to their plant or processes, and most importantly keep their systems operating at peak efficiency for as long as possible. DHD provides products and services that not only prolong the life of cooling equipment but improve efficiency and performance too.

For a copy of the new DHD Cooling brochure visit our downloads page.

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