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FANS, a.s. was founded in 1992, and is presently developing its commercial and export activities through a global network of subsidiaries, branches, and sales representatives in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

Since its foundation, FANS, a.s has dealt with industrial cooling technologies: design, production, upgrade of cooling towers and commissioning.

Over the years, FANS, a.s. have extended their product portfolio of forced and natural draft cooling towers to include dry coolers, air coolers, steam condensers, and wide range of other components.

DHD is situated in the Midlands, and provide a complete array of services and solutions to the cooling market ranging from thermal testing and inspections of equipment through to site services and turnkey supply of complex projects.

Mark Donoghue, Service Director says “This agreement means that we can provide a range of products to the market that are great quality and affordable, that meet UK legislation, and also address the big issues associated with steel cooling towers that the UK market currently faces. In the drive to make cooling towers as free from bacterial growth as possible, steel cooling towers struggle to handle the chemical loads put upon them whereas GRP cooling towers offer great chemical resistance and longevity.”

Gary Dicker, Technical Director adds “Launching their package products in the UK is a great opportunity, they tick every box when it comes to quality, materials of construction, maintenance access and compliance. This is a really exciting opportunity, and we believe that we can bring a high quality cost effective range of services and solutions to the market for virtually any cooling project.”

At DHD Cooling, the company bases everything on an analytical approach to problem solving, providing information in a clear concise way so that customers can make decisions that provide them with the greatest benefits to their plant or processes, and most importantly keep their systems operating at peak efficiency for as long as possible. DHD provides products and services that not only prolong the life of cooling equipment but improve efficiency and performance too.

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