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Before its collaboration, DHD, a cooling solutions provider based in the Midlands, had represented Galebreaker in the UK for more than four years, securing work with fixed and rolling fabric screen solutions for anything ranging from cold weather protection and inlet filtration up to wind reduction screens installed on large air cooled condenser systems.





Galebreaker have been designing and making fixed and rolling screen solutions for more than 30 years, their unique range of products allows them to tailor a solution for virtually any opportunity, no matter what the size or application.

RABScreen has been supplying inlet filtration to a variety industries for many years, and have a proven track record in providing cost effective filtration solutions across a broad range of equipment.  



This collaboration will put the wide range of solutions that Galebreaker have developed over many years and the technical support provided by DHD into the hands of RABScreen to expand its range.

Fixed and rolling systems, manually or automatically deployed can be tailored to the exact needs of a particular application to protect systems from the effects of the environment including:

  • Particulate Filtration
  • Cold Weather Protection
  • Wind Reduction
  • Bird Protection
  • Plume-abatement systems

collaborationGary Dicker technical director at DHD says “This is a really enthusiastic collaboration, marrying a very technically advanced range of products and solutions, with an extremely proactive sales strategy. It is not often the case that a supplier has such a large box of tricks, most of which have been developed in house, that there is virtually no job that we cannot provide a bespoke technical solution for.”

At DHD Cooling, the company bases everything on an analytical approach to problem solving, providing information in a clear concise way so that customers can make decisions that provide them with the greatest benefits to their plant or processes, and most importantly keep their systems operating at peak efficiency for as long as possible. DHD provides products and services that not only prolong the life of cooling equipment but improve efficiency and performance too.

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