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Cooling Tower Maintenance and Refurbishment

Whether you just need labour or a full suite of refurbishment and maintenance solutions we can provide you a cost effective service, providing all the necessary RAMS and qualified personnel to safely and effectively carry out any size cooling tower maintenance project.

Cooling towers are made up of a number of key systems which all need to be in good condition to satisfy 3 main areas of operation:-

• Reliability – Suitability and durability of components
• Regulatory – Compliance with HSE standards according HSG 274
• Performance – Best use of available products to reduce operating costs or maximise performance.

All these facets of operation are interconnected, with each one being directly or indirectly related to one another.

We focus on each area of the cooling towers condition and performance to provide refurbishment and maintenance solutions that enhance or maintain your operating capacity.

Parts and Labour

DHD are experienced in working on all the main cooling tower makes and models from all manufacturers and work with our dedicated team of installers and major industry names to replace and repair each and every component within any cooling system.

A dedicated team of qualified cooling tower technicians to carry out tasks including:-

  • Cooling tower internal cleaning
  • Inspections and reporting
  • Sump Cleaning
  • All component replacement, including mechanicals and structural materials
  • Complete or partial repacking works
  • Repair of broken or damaged components
  • Provision of detailed schedules of work, risk assessments and method statements to safely carry out any work
  • Out of hours support


As well as labour to carry out all your refurbishment and maintenance needs we have a full range of products and materials available, including:-


  • Fan Guards and Meshes
  • Fan Stacks
  • Fans
  • Gearboxes
  • Motors
  • Driveshafts
  • Steel Support Structures
  • Internal Support Timbers
  • GRP and timber Support Members
  • Cladding Systems
  • Drift Eliminators
  • Distribution Systems
  • Nozzles
  • Fill Packs
  • Air Inlet honeycomb
Maintenance of any cooling system requires more than just periodic cleaning and replacement of components, it also needs to consider the requirements of the process or processes it is attached to which often change over time.

Whether it is like for like replacement or looking at options to improve thermal efficiency or lower operating costs, our analytical approach will give you everything you need to make informed decisions on how to spend your maintenance budgets to give the greatest benefit to your plant.

R&M Solutions

Services and Solutions

cooling system cleaning and maintenance

Delivered on an ad hoc or contracted basis, cleaning, maintenance and servicing for air and water cooling systems delivers maximum operational efficiency with minimum downtime.

cooling solutions

Supply hybrid, evaporative, dry and adiabatic cooling systems and specific complementary systems designed to assist cooling are key services from DHD cooling.

cooling systems and solutions performance enhancement

No matter what kind of air cooling system you use, it's highly likely that you'll reduce costs and improve efficiencies by adding seasonal protection services.

cooling units system reconditioning

Fuelled by comprehensive technical knowledge and problem solving, DHD reports on, recommends and delivers efficiency improvements for all industrial cooling units.

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