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Cooling System Enhancement

DHD in partnership with Galebreaker have a complete range of solutions that can protect and offer cooling system enhancement throughout the seasons.

Tailored solutions can quickly and cost effectively be provided for equipment ranging in size from as small as your fridge, up to the size of a football pitch, designed to protect your systems from a variety of external influences, including:-

  • Pollen and airborne particulate filters
  • Wind reduction
  • Winter protection
  • Bird protection screens
  • Performance enhancement of plume abated cooling towers

These highly cost-effective rolling screens and fixed shielding options are supported by more than 30 years of industry expertise and heritage and a huge family of fabric solutions to suit many more applications.


Pollen and Airborne Particulate Filters

If you are struggling with airborne debris either getting into your evaporative cooling system or your finned dry coolers, then DHD have a wide range of tailored solutions to suit your requirement. With a variety of deployment systems, DHD can provide fixed, retractable and automated filter screens to ensure that you are maximising the potential of your cooling equipment all year round.

large airborne particulate filter
large airborne particulate filter close up
large airborne particulate filter close up
large airborne particulate filter

Performance Enhancement of Plume Abated Cooling Towers

By combining industrial, rolling, engineered fabric screens with the PlumeLogic™ Plume Abatement Control System DHD Cooling can help you maintain the coldest possible water from your plume abated tower all year round, whilst still maintaining plume abatement.

The system works by optimising the flow of air through the wet and dry sections of the cooling tower. This means that in any given ambient condition the maximum airflow possible is diverted through the wet, more efficient section of the tower. Conversely the system also ensures that plume abatement is maintained, but with the smallest airflow possible.

Take a look at how this could help you generate more throughout the summer!

cooling system enhancement of a plume abated cooling tower

Air Inlet conditioning for Air Cooled Systems

Large air cooled systems are very often detrimentally effected by windshear, when the wind blows performance is reduced.

DHD Cooling have a full range of wind reduction screens and attachment systems that can be fitted easily to virtually any plant to reduce the negative impact of the wind.

With a number of different screen solutions and fixed and rolling deployment systems every system can be tailored to your specific needs.

air inlet conditioning for cooling system enhancement

Weather Protection

No matter what the application, if you are having trouble with freezing plant or cooling equipment DHD can tailor a solution to your exact needs. DHD have provided a range of weather protection solutions to a wide variety of clients. Our main area of focus is winterisation of cooling equipment to help prevent freezing in the cold months. This has been successfully deployed on hybrid cooling systems across Europe. We have a wide range of standard products which we can adapt to best suit your application.

DHD also specialise in bespoke installations, using a novel problem-solving approach to address any plant issues. Recently this approach was used to provide fixed wind shielding on two HRSG’s at South Humber Bank Power Station. You can read more about this specific project here.

weather protection on a cooling system

Bird Protection Screens

DHD can also offer fixed bird screens for cooling tower fan stacks. This is an engineered fabric alternative to the heavy and costly traditional steel options, which have a tendency to quickly corrode in the wet air streams.

PVC coated polyester industrial bird netting is fixed over the fan stack in a similar way to a drum skin, requiring no substructure over the fan opening. This net provides excellent corrosion resistance, is incredibly lightweight, is cost effective, and can be easily fitted to virtually any fan stack with the minimum amount of modifications.

cooling tower bird protection screen


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No matter what kind of air cooling system you use, it's highly likely that you'll reduce costs and improve efficiencies by adding seasonal protection services.

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