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In order to do our jobs effectively, we need to visit our customers. There are no real alternatives to this, it’s hard to see something through someone else’s eyes, and while digital videos and photography can help us remember what we have seen, it can never replace all the senses that are employed when reviewing the condition of an operating system.

As we travel the length and breadth of the UK and even into Europe to carry out cooling system audits, performance testing, endoscopic photography and the various other services we offer, we clock up many hundreds of miles that we need to account for.

We would like to think of ourselves as a fairly environmentally friendly organisation. One of our key services is providing detailed operating analyses of systems to evaluate which solutions can maximise performance whilst minimising operating costs. Operating costs typically mean cost of power, water and chemicals, so by reducing these costs we are also reducing their environmental impact.

So in addition to recycling our plastic, paper and metals, cycling to the office, printing double sided, and video conferencing where possible we have decided to plant trees each month using a Carbon Offset Scheme that Carbon Footprint Ltd offer, which allows us to offset 1 tCO2e per month

So far we have a tree, but we will continue to plant these as we progress and soon we’ll have a forest…although we’re not too sure how many trees it takes to make a forest?

For more information on carbon offset and other schemes please visit www.carbonfootprint.com

For more information about energy efficient solutions please visit www.dhdcooling.co.uk