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Cool Under Pressure

The Problem

In February 2015, DHD Cooling was approached by Huntsman Chemicals in South Wales. The plant was suffering as its 50 year old Marley Cooling Tower was no longer capable of supplying enough cooling capacity to serve the plant effectively. The Cooling Tower was critical to the whole plant and in the event of a failure it could cost client hundreds of thousands of pounds in lost production.

Having being integral to the continuous monitoring and maintenance of the tower over the tower’s operating life DHD Cooling and our partners SPX Marley were the natural choice to help solve this problem.

The Consultation

Through assessment of the current flow rate over the tower using an ultrasonic flowmeter. DHD Cooling worked with Huntsman Chemical’s Engineers to provide them with the maximum cooling capacity that they could get on their existing footprint whilst minimising changes to pumps, pipework and other existing equipment. Huntsman required a full turnkey package including:

  • Demolition of existing Marley Sigma Cooling Tower
  • Installation of new steel support structure onto existing concrete basin
  • Installation of 4No. SPX Marley NC8411 Cooling Towers onto the support frame
  • Installation of walkways and handrails around towers to provide excellent access
  • Installation and connection of new PLC control system
  • Site welding and fabrication of pipework to connect to existing pipework

All of this scope had to be completed within a two week shutdown window, as the plant could not restart without an operating cooling tower.

The Solution

The SPX Marley NC8400 Series Cooling Tower offers market leading performance whilst not compromising on access and maintainability, and due to its highly modular, factory assembled design it is incredibly quick to install, meaning it lent itself perfectly to this demanding application. The simplicity and inherent structural strength of this model of Cooling Tower meant that DHD Cooling could design and optimise a flexible and modular steelwork support system to work with the existing concrete basin.

As a result of the design optimisation process undertaken by DHD Cooling and the high levels of consultation with the client, the demolition and installation was completed successfully within the allotted two week window.

Key Points

  • 21MW cooling system, tailored to the clients specific needs
  • Full turnkey installation
  • Works completed within 2 week shutdown window
  • No additional production downtime

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