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Assisting our customers operate and maintain safe, efficient and reliable cooling equipment is the core of our business.

Whether it is developing new cooling systems, upgrading/maintaining existing systems, or carrying out detailed inspections, DHD Cooling apply sound engineering practices to ensure your system complies with the latest legislation.

Our recent membership to the Legionella Control Association further cements these core values within our organisation, putting robust processes in place to assist us in developing solutions that support the safe operation of evaporative cooling systems.

While every cooling tower owner is generally aware of their obligations under ACOP L8 and HSG274, DHD aim to provide transparent system evaluations considering the intricacies of the relevant codes and standards.

In our line of work we regularly inspect cooling towers that have poorly installed or incorrect fill pack, drift eliminator and air inlet honeycomb. Incorrect selection and installation of components leads to lower thermal performance and higher drift rates resulting in increased operating costs, lower throughput and compromising the safety of your system.

DHD have a duty of care to treat every cooling system that we review as a piece of process equipment that we have a joint responsibility for, ensuring that you have a clear picture of the physical health of your system and the risks posed to your work force and the general public aligned with a understanding of how to maximise the potential of the system for greatest return on investment.

For more information about compliance solutions and a copy of our LCA Certificate and Statement of Compliance please visit www.dhdcooling.co.uk


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